How Much Are CNA Classes

Like any other training or product, the CNA class costs is usually a major determining factor and as such it helps with decision making when choosing whether or not you will go for training. Below, we outline the cost of the training and the certification process. Continue reading to find out more.

Training to be a CNA is not cheap and this is the biggest determining factor for people looking to complete CNA training. Nevertheless, the salary and the benefits you earn once you are fully certified makes it worthwhile. Different states pay the professionals differently but you can be assure about the fact that being a CNA is a highly rewarding profession; so, the cost should not be a deterring factor if you are thinking about undergoing CNA training.

CNA ClassesThe training cost for the course is usually around $550 – $1100 although the total cost of the entire training is largely dependent on the state you live in, course content and length of the course. It is recommended that you speak directly with a state nurse aide in registry to provide information regarding the training costs. The duration of the course is normally approximately 10 weeks while some may only last 6 weeks. Majority of the courses are available online; but not every single state registry will recognize training completed on the internet. For this reason, you are strongly advised to check with your state registry first.

The exam offered is meant to test knowledge learnt within the 6 – 10 week period and it comprises of questions in multiple choice format which you will be required to pass to qualify in order to get CNA certification. The CNA exam cost is the most affordable element of the training. Consequently, it costs several hundred dollars and majority of states charge just $115

You will only be included in the nurse aide registry within your state, upon successful completion of the training course although you also have to pass the competency test exam as well. This cost is included most times with the exam pass. The cost of the entire training is normally around $1,000 – $1,500 although some programs cost less and others may cost more. Remember, some courses are also offered at no cost particularly the ones offered by Red Cross. No matter the cost of the training, you can be assured of a good future once you qualify to be a fully Certified Nursing Assistant.

Even if the CNA class costs are over $1,000, the profession has so much potential once training is completed successfully.

The average certified nursing assistant for instance earns a salary of about $25,000 although this largely depends on the state you chose to work in. The top paying states like Alaska pay their CNAs slightly more than $30,000 every year while some of the professionals earn in excess of $33,000 in salaries each year. Therefore, take some time and find out how long it would take for you to complete the training in your state especially if you would like to pursue a career in this field. Do not forget that it pays to become a qualified CNA.

Responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

CNAs or certified nursing assistant generally help support patients live their daily lives by assisting them with personal hygiene, provide transportation, comfort, and even monitoring vital signs. You can see the a lot of CNA in hospitals, but an average person may not be able to directly point which ones are CNAs since they will be wearing similar uniforms like the rest of the staff at the hospital.

CNAs do not do their job without direct supervision from nurses. Nurses will be guiding them accordingly in order to for them to provide high quality service for their patients. Those aspiring to become a CNA must dedicate long hours of work apart from the numerous duties they have to do. CNAs are rewarded with the experience of interacting different people each day, plus a preparation for those aspiring to commit into the nursing career in the long run.

Duties of a Certified Nursing Assistant

Basic needs – the most basic needs of a patient is dress, bathe and feeding themselves. A number of patients are not able to do this because of their situation, so it is the job of a CNA to assist them. They will function as the patient’s hands and feet. Various patients that need basic help like these are the elderly people that are living in nursing homes, stroke victims, paralyzed patients due to accidents, surgeries or injuries.

Taking vital signs – a couple of CNAs are given responsibilities to take blood pressure, temperature or to record the vital signs of the patient. These are done at a time when patients are required to visit the office of their respective physician or when they are asked to visit the hospital. These are the first steps before patients make the visit and it is also a job CNAs should not take for granted – they will have to make a good impression for the entire medical team.

Serve patients – CNAs do a lot of housekeeping, too, but they are only responsible for taking care of the patients beds and keeping their room clean always. They often serve meals to their patients. Cleaning the room means they have to clean everything: from the bed pans and even change the soiled sheets. This is also a chance for CNAs to meet and build relationships with patients. This will also help the patients relieve of their stress from facing difficult situation, giving them hope in living their lives.

Medical assistance – CNAs also help setting up and storing various medical equipment. For example, they might be asked to prepare the tools that will be used for patient examination or transporting heavy medical equipment from point A to point B. A number of states allow the CNAs to perform certain medical procedures, like drawing out blood from the patient, given that they have undergone appropriate training.

Working closely with patients – CNAs also observe the behavioral pattern and physical changes of the patient. Every interaction they make with their patients, they record anything that they see have changed from them.

How to Write a CNA Resume

The healthcare industry especially private practice is for sure one of the most lucrative careers. The personal and economic satisfaction that accompanies the medical profession as well as the social prestige that comes along with it are well some of the incentives that attract people into this noble career. The experts such as cardiologists, dermatologists and surgeons need technical assistance in carrying out their often demanding tasks from equally qualified personnel that often comes from nurses or” ladies in white” as we like to refer to them as. Besides academic knowledge a lot goes into the making of a Certified Nursing Assistant and this begs the very question that is at the core of this essay. What does it take to make a good Certified Nursing Asistant (CNA) resume?

Communication and interpersonal skills

Nursing is one people focused career and to succeed one needs to have the requisite skills in language as well interpersonal skills that go into interacting with patients and colleagues. A qualified Certified Nursing Assistant should be a good and empathetic listener .He/she should have the ability to understand the patients problems and portray a good body language avoid resistance from patients that could ruin their career.

86506879Hard work

A CNA resume should portray the candidate’s willingness to take the extra mile and take tasks that are not part of his job description. The nursing job is quite strenuous and a nurse should be willing to put long hours into work and be able to respond to disruptions any time due to emergencies. The candidate should simply be willing to do more than is necessary without expecting anything in return. Sacrifice is of ultimate importance in the medical career

Attention to detail

A diagnosis could differ from another simply because of a differing single simple symptom. Prescriptions are usually designed for specific circumstances and a CAN resume should portray this priceless skill.A nurse must be able to focus on minute details of the patient’s condition and decipher what the patient cannot clearly explain. The nurse must not ignore even to the subtlest of details for their judgment determines the rift between life and death or health and disease.


Nowhere is the recalling and remembering power more important than in the healthcare industry. A CNA resume should portray a candidate’s ability to recall longish phrases, concepts and ideas in order to diagnosis rightly and give the correct prescription. The nurse needs literacy and numeracy skills to be able to assist the doctor in his work. Knowledge of volume, weight and length are necessary to avoid flawed judgments and fatal assumptions.


As earlier stated a nurse should be able to work optimally and under minimal supervision on and off office hours. The nurse should demonstrate the ability to offer the often needed support whether in a nursing home, a ward, theatre or any other place where medical care is needed. The nurse needs to be flexible enough to respond appropriately to the needs of various calibers of patients like the elderly people, expectant mothers, persons with disabilities and others.
The nurse should be a team player who can work with everyone on the team regardless of personal and personality differences.

Armed with the requisite academic qualifications and these skills, a career in the medical sector is assured. Include them in your CNA resume and employers will find you an irresistible asset.

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